Occupy Polls

Use the comments section at the bottom of this page to discuss the most important issues, elaborate about your Occupy poll choices, and/or suggest other poll choices.

Please choose all objectives which should be adopted by the Occupy movement.


Some people claim that Fox News is biased against the Occupy movement and that Fox news should be boycotted… Is Fox News biased?



48 thoughts on “Occupy Polls

  1. These are all very well-stated and important objectives. I chose three only because choosing all of them would not be terribly helpful in prioritizing. But I feel these represent an incredible beginning of a long list of demands that will make our world a better place and help substantially in our reclaiming of democracy from corporate interests. I would add that some kind of repeal of the corporate personhood decision, whether an amendment or not, needs to be in order to reverse the tide of corporate freedoms being granted.

  2. Thank you very much for your helpful comments and input concerning this poll. Changes will be forthcoming to the poll that reflect corporate personhood.

    Together we can make a difference.

  3. “Ensure that everyone pays their fair share of taxes. ALL individuals and successful corporations should pay a minimum income tax, regardless of their deductions, ‘loop holes’, or credits.”
    No…this means that people who currently do not pay income tax because their income falls below a certain level would be taxed when they are not currently. These people already pay into the system in the form of payroll taxes, state and local taxes and sales taxes(all more regressive taxes)…to put the extra burden of federal income tax on them at their level of income would ridiculous.

  4. “Adopt public referendum (public vote) concerning extremely controversial issues, such as abortion and declaration of war.”

    Uh…no…a woman’s right to choose regarding health care options for her own body is decided federal law and not up to local “public referendum”.

  5. I could not just choose three like the previous poster. However, top priority I believe should go to the very first item on this list and on the amendment to make corporations NOT a person. I believe that those two items would be an excellent start.

  6. I believe removing $ from politics is the #1 most important change!
    :Public referendums would be #2 IMO
    #3 would be Govt. investments in self-sustaining industries
    #4 would be corporate subsidies to new clean energy development
    If #1 was implemented, then you could, IMO, eliminate *that corporations are NOT people*

  7. Demand to Get the Money Out of Politics: A “One Demand” for Occupy Wall Street?
    by Ralph Lopez

    “…on average, 80% of congressional campaign contributions come from outside the district, and largely from outside the state. Citizens should only be allowed to give money to candidates who would represent them in Congress. Giving money to one who would not should be considered bribery. Citizens who would not be represented by a particular candidate have no business giving money which dilutes the influence of citizens in other districts on their own congressmen.”


  8. One thing that hasn’t been listed above, but I think is very important (at least for us in Canada) – iwe should have the ability of a ‘recall’ option, like you do in (at least) some states…. and in our country that should extend all the way to prime minister!! Given that this is a global revolution, I’m sure some other countries would embrace it as well. Some of our provinces have it, but not all.. maybe some Americans can state whether you have that ability in all of your states? or just some…..

  9. The recall ability is limited and not available in all states here in the USA. I agree that a recall option should be available in all states, territories and/or provinces of any nation. I additionally agree that a recall option should be available all the way to the highest of positions, but this is not always practical in some government systems, or not even needed, thinking of the British here with their coalition and parliament government style. All that being said some limits to a recall should always be present (like a limited to after a time period) to prevent abuse by the nut jobs, err radical far wingers.

    • It is my opinion,( formed over 71 years of life), that as Citizens of the States and of the Union, we should be obligated to participate in the electoral process by knowing what the Politicians REALLY stand for, PRIOR to voting for them. This would eliminate the necessity for recalls, which are expensive and take badly needed money from other goods and services, or require more revenue generation.” Freedom is not FREE”, it requires Citizen Participation and constant Vigilance.

  10. There are a LOT of great ideas to choose from above and in time we may get to them, but I focused my poll votes on the things central to the Occupy movement — issues with corrupt banking systems and banks being in bed with lobbyists in bed with legislators in bed with big corporations, etc. Those are the issues that birthed this movement and they must be addressed first.

    Additionally I created an “other” but did not have adequate character allotment to detail it. My “other” proposed a moratorium against foreclosures. Here is how I would word that in full: “Pass legislation mandating a retroactive moratorium on all foreclosures from 2008 onward affecting homes purchased in or after 2002 (when the artificially fabricated and primarily speculative housing bubble began) which will retroactively ‘grandfather in’ all such foreclosures from the year 2008 to the present.”

    Obviously in many cases the exact home cannot be restored to its owner as another has taken possession of it, but there should be some form of remuneration for those put out of their homes by this crap.

    Thank you for this poll and thank you for listening to the voices of the 99% as we all “chime in”! Love & solidarity from a sister Occupier.

    • I added with this wording for now:
      “Pass legislation mandating a retroactive moratorium on all recent home foreclosures, to help make whole the home owners financially injured by questionable banking practices & tax payer bailouts.”

      Thanks for everyone’s input…

  11. Hpw about “Abolish Capitalism and the federal and State governments and replace them with directly democratic institutions modeled on the General Assemblies”?

    failing that, abolishing corporate person-hood would at least weaken our enemies and give us a solid tangible victory to build on.

  12. Just watched “Thrive” and after watching that one….there were a lot of solutions offered. Most important, remove the power brokers of world monetary systems….get rid of the Federal Reserve and NO politician should receive any campaign contributions from any company or SuperPac.

    All occupiers should see this movie!!! It is timely for the cause and THANK YOU to all of those who have hit the streets.

  13. Out-of-state money should not support a state’s candidates and should also NOT support a state’s issues. I am special ifically referring to Prop 8 (same sex marriage ban) in CA which was financed by huge amounts of out-of-state money.

  14. Matters of substance are never black and white. The issue is that government has gotten so far away from the people, that they are quite literally ABOVE the people they serve rather than AMONG them. It will take many small steps to make a difference. Change will come when the demands personal accountability for one’s actions (whether from a senator or a CEO).

  15. I think most of our goals for now should be higher-order educational goals. All humanity’s problems have fairly simple solutions, but ignorance and disinformation interfere with sensible discussion. I think we need to increase our penetration of the mainstream media and extend the reach of the alternative media with higher-order messages. Here are some I think are very important:

    We have, over many decades, allowed the development of an essentially-mindless and mechanical system in which the most aggressive and ruthless players are rewarded with greater access to capital and influence. This handful of genuinely wicked people, unnatural though their thinking may be, are a predictable product of the mechanical workings of the system.
    …Meanwhile, the REST of this relentless ‘prosperity machine’ called global capitalism (or just ‘society’) is made of the bodies and actions of billions of people who participate, with varying levels of willingness/reluctance, simply because they can’t see a workable alternative for themselves and their families. Perhaps the most important things that Occupy can accomplish are to show that the machine in this form is not workable (because it’s destroying the future), and that there ARE, or can be, workable alternatives.

    …Humans are hardwired for cooperation and mutualism as well as competition. There are many possible ways to organize government and finance that can be fair and just, but there will always be people who suffer a pathological compulsion to game the ‘system’ in order to dominate others by power and/or money. So the question becomes, how do we deal with these unbalanced individuals compassionately while preventing them from doing further harm to others?

  16. What about Stopping The Wars? I do not want innocent blood on my hands and, I am against those who are placing sin upon all of us!

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  18. I forgot to add: reinstate the FCC’s fairness doctrine, bust up the giant media conglomerates, raise taxes on big media’s use of the peoples’ airwaves, and invoke real punishment for media entities that can be shown to have deliberately lied or distorted the facts.

  19. I have to say I am a little dismayed that Publicly Financed Elections is so low in the poll. Or perhaps people think that is part of the “Remove money from politics by revising campaign contribution & lobbying laws and instituting monetary limits.” question? Can you please clarify?

    • Some poll questions were put on after others (and some may still be added if they are suggested), so that may account for the discrepancy. Not much we can do about that at this point… But it still allows users to vote and consider which of the issues / demands are most important.

  20. We should also add to the poll that Occupy should file an injunction against NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA, DJ from using web crawlers to keep track of Occupy. If Rick Ellis at the examiner.com is right, we need protesters who were assaulted and/or illegally arrested to file a class-action lawsuit against DHS and FBI.

  21. Public referendums are beginning to be used in the states thanks to James Fishkin. They are so incredibly important for achieving a surprisingly republican ideal of smaller government by empowering people to make INFORMED decisions.

    The fact that There is no Higher Education suggestion is a huge disappointment. The fact that there is no Universal Healthcare suggestion is a huge disappointment. Some of these are redundant. I’m hoping that there will be a smaller subset to choose from soon because the voting is being split very much.

    I found corporate personhood to be incredibly important because it destroys alot of the roadblocks to the absurd ‘gravity wells’ that have arisen in corporate society.

    No off-shore tax breaks. Absolutely crucial to stopping globalization that has eroded our economy.

    Audit the Federal Reserve. It is not special and needs as much oversight as any greedy corporation. We need to be very careful with fiscal policy.

    And of course: fair share. Which is kind-of misleading. “Proportional to net worth” is much more meaningful. A cap at 45,000,000 at which point it reaches 100% taxation is perfectly reasonable. The world does not need billionaires.

  22. Yowch, so many issues. Great poll. The one thing I’d like to comment on is the issue “Pass legislation that ensures that any corporation that accepts a taxpayer bailout must pay it back with interest after they have attained solvency.”

    I would like to see an end to usury (interest) and a fee for service imposed as any trader outside of financial services and exchanges would. I am no economist or financier, but it is usury that has had the most crippling effects on my financial stability and is a practice I would like to see ended, across the board.

  23. I chose the obvious, keep corporate influence out of politics and corporations are not people. Also, reinstate Glass-Steagall. I think that most of the other issues are very agreeable, but even getting them on the table is a pipe dream if the government remains a corporate sock puppet.

  24. No bail-outs should be given to corporations… let those tycoons fall on their face. Afterall, if we, the average person, makes a mistake with our money, we don’t get handouts. Corporations aren’t people. They should never be given anything.

  25. Almost all the issues we have to deal with have been generated by neo-liberal economics. There is a need to develop alternative economic theories and policies to contest and replace this vicious ideology. Until capital is subject to democratic control, there will be no effective democracy. My feeling is that we need to develop a philosophy/philosophies of economic democracy. This is not about socialism – it is about people using the resources of the communities for the benefit of those communities – not the 1%.

  26. Good work here, thank u. I would like to ask, is there anyone trying to define demands like this on a more global scale? Occupy is after all a worldwide movement, fighting a worldwide injustice, and i think it would be excellent if demands all over the world would support eachother, had references to eachother and connected the goals as much as the slogans. Thoughts or hints on that anyone?
    I am in the Netherlands by the way.

    Keep it up everyone!

    • I still think that the biggest, but not only, problem world-wide is money in politics! Get rid of that, and a whole lot of other stuff will take care of itself. The corporations $$ are everywhere, have just about bought every govt. in one way or another …… certainly not the total answer, but a good first step I think!


  28. Nice job! Did add universal, single-payer health care legislation. This is important not just from a humanitarian point of view. Profit-seeking health insurance companies must be removed from the mix and a large pool of patients would enable negotiating on drug prices with Big PhARMA.

  29. MOST all good ideas , BUT, the ONLY way any of it will get done is to FORCE the Politicians to the conclusion that they Work “For the People” and NOT the Corporations. The ONLY way to do that is with a Constitutional Amendment that CLEARLY and unequivocally states that Corporations “Are NOT People”, AND that “MONEY IS NOT SPEECH”! We must have Both or they will simply go out one Door and right back in the Other and all of that time and energy will be wasted.
    In the mean time we must only elect Politicians who will sign a “PLEDGE” to support our Constitutional Amendment, Local, State AND National!

  30. This is a link to a story titled “Movers And Sheriff’s Deputies Refuse Bank’s Order To Evict 103-Year-Old Atlanta Woman:”


    I’d like it if a lot of the Occupy energy spent in the streets with signs was focused on individual cases like this which represent many others like it. To bring public attention and pressure to legislators with clear concise attainable goals. As long as the goals are huge faceless, seemingly abstract ideas, the energy of the many is easily dissipated and loses the sympathy of the general public.

    But if the movement divided into segments which would tackle and highlight the real damage that most Americans have experienced or are going through, I believe it would be more effective. Specific legislation can come out of targeting individual problems and garnering public empathy and popular support.

    Fighting to end these kind of evictions in Atlanta would be way more useful than camping with signs downtown on Peachtree Street.

    The link below is to a good example of what the Occupy movement could be doing:
    “Occupy Wall Street Protesters Occupy Harlem Boiler Room, Get Tenants Heat And Hot Water”


  31. I think that rather than trying to patch the problem with bandaid solutions or try to get our government to solve the problem through legislation that we should take a good long look at what the problems actually are. Most of the items on that list are pointing to fixing symptoms of the problem. I can sum up the problems that underlay our societal structures in 3 sentences: (1) We believe that scarcity exists. (2) We practice a form of Social Darwinism using the ability to make money as the tool to judge fitness for survival. (3) We believe that competition is better than cooperation.

    Rather than passing new laws or pointing fingers of blame, why don’t we all pull together and redesign society? I often hear people say that “you have to work within the system”. Why? The system we use is based on ideas that are centuries if not thousands of years old. The system IS BROKEN! Let’s design new, better systems using our 21st Century knowledge, applying what we know NOW to support us in the way we desire to live: with the maximum amount of individual liberty FOR ALL!

    Here’s an 8 page synopsis of HOW we COULD do it: http://www.SatoriaNation.com/download/SatoriaNation.pdf

    Let me know if you agree.

    Nadine Sabulsky

    • I agree, lets all build a better way. But your anticipating that everyone is going to agree at once. And that hasn’t happend yet. Until then we change the system that exsists now, for us in small steps but for others these are big steps.
      The changes suggested here are radical in todays system. FIrst they will be changes to the current system, slowly turning into the basis for a whole new way. It will be the beginning of the new world. In 3 Years is a utopian wish we should dream, but we should give our fellow humans the time to see the change as well, so spread your plan over 10 years, add the reality of today, accept the slow ways of evolution and keep loving and wishing!

      • So if I were to knock on your door tomorrow and demonstrate to you that we have all the pieces in place… We have the tech specs, the blueprints, the labor and resources all lined up to create this new society… And describe to you your greater to maximum personal freedom that you and everyone will have in the new society… And I tell you we want to start building this on x-date…. And we want your support in this endeavor, and the ONLY thing necessary for you to do to support this is to simply stop using money. In fact, QUIT YOUR JOB! We have everything, we are going to build this for ALL OF US… Just withdraw your support from the old system that we want to replace. Unplug from it. Stop using money! Quit your job! Would you then tell me to come back in 10 years? We will be at that door-knocking point within a matter of months. The ball is already rolling, the design team is coming together. No, we’re not ready nor trying to have the majority come on board at this moment. Just a critical mass of less than 200 people to form the nucleus… The design team… In a few months we will be knocking on doors. What will your answer be then?

      • I am sorry Nadine. I dont think i told you to come back in 10 years. I raised the suggestion that 10 years would be a more realistic timeperiod to reach the end goal of your plans, in my view.
        Your reply is quite full of assumptions about me and others. I feel no desire to take that personally because you dont know me. It is however a disappointing reaction after you asked; ‘Tell me if you agree’.

      • Oh Tycho I’m sorry too, I didn’t realize that my reply sounded like that to you! Words on screen do not convey – I am very passionate about this! I saw immediately that you agreed with everything and you were quite clear that you like my pushing for 3 years and it seemed like you were saying “just keep going even if it takes 10 years”. I am so happy for your agreement! I was simply trying to paint a vivid picture of stage 4. I’ll be making some videos soon… Better than comments in black & white LOL thank you for your communication!

  32. I am all for the idea and am willing to put Skin in the Game, commensurate with my abilities, (which I have communicated to you). I too am a bit skeptical about making the Transition universally. We may need to start locally, with a Demonstration Project, to show the people that it all really can be done and let it spread. In any case, I am ready to “Get-er-done”!!

    • Thank you Curtis, I did receive your volunteer form. I understand your initial skepticism… There have been many different “sustainable” communities built in areas around the globe. The demonstration has been made that other ideas are viable. But they also still reside within the existing systems. What we’re looking to provide with this project is an overall systems redesign. It doesn’t take very many people to build the new structures in each area. The one part of the project that will require the most people is the door-knocking campaign. Thank you for volunteering to be one of the builders in your area! We are still in Phase 2 getting the design team and creating the blueprints and tech specs, and in general getting organized. Since this project is something you believe in enough to “put skin in the game” as you say, please spread the word. I’m so happy and excited to have you onboard! Thank you again!


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