This page is dedicated to displaying centralized information associated with the world wide Occupy movement. The focus is on a listing of world wide cities that are involved with the Occupy movement and generic information that can be used by any Occupy city protest group.

Life is short and what we do while on this planet matters. We must each decide if we will be remembered as self-centered, opportunistic, greedy materialists or caring human beings. The composite of these individual decisions will mark our collective identity as a society once our time has passed.
– One World, One Family
“…This may be a very long struggle, but I think that the Occupy movement which has now been replicated, not only across the United States, but around the globe, has already begun to shatter the foundations of the power elite, which is why they are running so scared, and their propaganda organs are attempting in every way possible to discredit this movement, and shut it down as fast as possible.

Acts of defiance that center around moral imperatives, and Truth, and Love; has a power that is unseen by the forces of darkness, the forces of exploitation. And when societies break down you can feel that power, it’s real, it’s palatable. I covered the war in Sarajevo when those heavy shells would come in; huge explosions dismembering bodies, leaving people dying in pools of blood. You could see relatives tear through the crowds searching for their loved ones. And as you stood in these crowds you can feel radiating outwards the power of love and of death, love and death, love and death. But in the end love triumphs.
Goldman Sachs is an institution that worships death, the forces of Thanatos, of greed, of exploitation, of destruction, and what we represent is Eros, those forces that nurture, conserve, protect, and promote life. And finally, the forces of death are no match for the forces of life.How long will this be? I cannot tell you… It may be long, it may be hard, certainly we will stumble. There will be reverses. But the fact is we have ripped the veil off the face, and exposed the death mask in front of us…””This is a spiritual movement. That is what this is. We’ve reclassified life. We are fighting for life. And we are doing it through the power of human kindness, through empathy, through compassion. And the more hopeless and absurd that empathy and compassion is, the more powerful it becomes.And that is why they are so frightened…” The verdict is GUILTY.
– Chris Hedges
– One World, One Family

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