{Occupy Buffalo} Martial Law in Brooklyn!

<https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152631094105551&set=a.171202385550.250834.808885550&type=1&ref=nf>The NYPD Declares Martial Law in BrooklynThursday, March 14, 2013 20:11(Before It’s News) On the heels of three nights of protests over the policeslaying of 16 year old Kimani Gray, the NYPD has turned the East Flatbushneighborhood of Brooklyn into a State of Exception, claiming emergencypowers to suspend the constitutional guarantees of the citizenry.The people regularly targeted by police harassment and violence,overwhelmingly the city’s poor and minority populations, have taken to thestreets to speak out against the NYPD’s draconian tactics. The police havein turn responded with even further harsh measures by suppressing the rightof the people to voice dissatisfaction with that very same police force.Cops kettled protesters at Wednesday night’s candlelight vigil, resulting in46 arrests. Police even arrested Kimani Gray’s distraught sister, Mahnefeh.The NYPD

euphemistically calls the public spaces in which the Constitutionalrights of the people are suspended “frozen zones.”Allison Kilkenny wrote about the NYPD’s so-called “frozen zones” in December2011:“The ‘frozen zone’ is an arbitrary, official police business-sounding titlethat has absolutely zero legal merit. It’s something the NYPD made up, justas the ‘First Amendment zone’ is something [Los Angeles Mayor Antonio]Villaraigosa made up to suppress media coverage of the Occupy raids.”According to FIERCE, the “frozen zone” in East Flatbush is being used toprevent media from covering the protests and arrests. Meanwhile, peopleinside the “frozen zone” can be subjected to arrest merely by exercisingtheir constitutional rights.“It basically means the area is under temporary martial law,” writes FIERCE.“The last times the NYPD declared a Frozen Zone was on the 10th anniversaryof 9/11 and during the beginning of OWS.”An arbitrary dictate that arrests

protest and free speech, set forth by theinstitution that is itself the target of the protests, creates a potentiallydangerous precedent of placing the NYPD beyond reproach.Occupy Austin reposted this poignant summary of events by Jen Roesch as theywere unfolding in Brooklyn last night:“East Flatbush, Brooklyn is under martial law as the NYPD declares it a‘frozen zone’. Media are being monitored and kept from moving and reportingfreely. Dozens of arrests and much brutality. Kimani was shot in the backseven times; a witness is sure he was unarmed; multiple reports are comingout that the police had been waging a campaign of harassment against theyoung man (including taunting him about a friend who had died in a caraccident and threatening to shoot him when he tried to leave). This is justblocks from where Shantel Davis was shot, dragged from her car and left tobleed to death in the street last summer. After that shooting, police wentto all the surrounding delis and confiscated

their surveillance videos.Residents in the neighborhood live in a state of terror. Heartbreaking,enraging, the stuff that riots are made of. This city is at a breakingpoint.”Kimani Gray’s parents are scheduled to hold a press conference this eveningto address the March 9 police slaying of their young son.Source: blacksocialjournalSee also:http://theanti-media.org/2013/03/15/the-nypd-declares-martial-law-in-brooklyn-mainstream-media-silent-video/


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