99% Spring is Here

99% Spring is Here!Hi Curtis,

This week, people will come together at nearly 1,000 trainings across the country for one purpose: to stand up.

We’re joining more than 70 organizations from across the progressive movement to launch the 99% Spring. This week, 100,000 Americans from all walks of life will attend trainings to learn to tell the story of our economy and what went wrong, the history of nonviolent direct action, and how we can take action to change our country.

Find the training nearest you, and join the 99% Spring!

You’re special. Not everyone dedicates their time, passion, and energy to changing the world, but that’s what you, and our entire community, do every day. We need you to be part of this, to help guide and support people who are new to the work of changing the world. And it’s a great chance to learn new skills yourself, and find new allies in the fight for change.

We know nonviolent direct action works. From those who secured women’s access to the polling booth, to those who broke the old Jim Crow laws, and those who stood on the picket lines to secure safe conditions and a living wage, nonviolent direct action has moved our country forward time and again.

This is our chance to broaden the wave that began last year in Madison, in Occupy camps across the country, and at the gates of the White House.

Find the 99% Spring training in your neighborhood, and join us to take America back.

Our country needs us now. Organizations are uniting to make this week possible, and thousands of people are standing up to create a wave of momentum for real, meaningful change. I hope you’ll join us.


Joy Cushman
Organizing Director



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