Who are YOU?

Aliza Albornoz (an Admin on OC) had some problems with Facebook recently and some of us were able to help her out by suggesting new friends (they would not allow her to acquire new friends), and consider other contingencies for future communications should Facebook be unavailable or blocked.

This is sort of an ‘epiphany’ or a valuable lesson for me because it graphically illustrated what our role and purpose should be…

We are in a support relationship to each other, to Group, and to the movement as a whole. We can support the people who do the actual protesting in many ways…

We can support our individual Members like we did Aliza in any way that is of assistance to them. It might be setting up another mode of contact like email, or Goggle+, or message lists, or it might be moral support when people are feeling vulnerable, persecuted, or alone.

In Group, we can have different jobs, such as acquiring relevant books or manuals, researching various protest techniques or topics, and finding ways to knit our Occupy groups together.

And, we can support the Movement in general by encouraging and addressing the need for Unity, and finding real world and virtual ways to bind our diverse parts together.

Someone once said that Love is the glue that binds us together. Maybe that is a good way to think of our role… The ‘Glue’ that binds.

It’s amazing how so often in relation to Occupy events, that a ‘negative’ is converted to a positive. All this grew out of Aliza’s Facebook problems. That’s part of our charter, part of our collective character, and part of our purpose too… to help convert abuse and other apparently negative occurrences into positive outcomes.

Because Facebook prevented Aliza from acquiring new friends, please help her out is some way, such as suggesting some Occupy friends for her.

Remember the movie “Spartacus”? When the enemy asked which man was Spartacus to arrest him, all the warriors with him, one at a time said, “I am Spartacus!”, because they stood together as one?

Last night after thinking about all this, I had a dream that I was in a confrontation with people who are against us, who wanted to do us harm, and wanted us to identify ourselves, and we each said to them: “I AM JESUS! I AM MAHATMA GANDHI! I AM MARTIN LUTHER KING! I AM NELSON MANDELA…. I AM ANONYMOUS!

Is that cool or what?

And then we each quietly but piercingly said to them;

“Who are YOU?”


One World, One Family


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