Those Greedy Bastards

United Republic
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You probably know MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan. He’s the founder of Get Money Out—the organization we merged with a few months ago to end the auction of American democracy.

There’s no bolder voice on this issue than Dylan’s. Each and every day, in his own intrepid way, he illuminates the truth and confronts those who stand in the way of change.

Now he’s written a book called Greedy Bastards that connects the dots between the serious problems America faces and the corrupting influence of money in politics. It’s a high-energy exposé of the deep dysfunction of our democracy, and how to clean it up.

I sincerely hope that you’ll buy a copy. It should be mandatory reading for all who think our country needs a serious course correction. If the book gets a lot of attention, it’ll send a message to the media that Dylan’s message—your message, our message—is potent and should be at the center of the national debate.

Also, in his own un-greedy way, Dylan is generously donating a portion of the book proceeds back to United Republic so that we can ramp up the fight for reform.

Hope you can help. Having just finished it last week, I can tell you it’s a great, incisive read.

Buy the hardcover: Amazon, B&N
Buy the e-book: Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iBookstore
Buy the audio book (narrated by Dylan): Amazon, B&N

Spread the word. And thank you for your continued support in this fight.


Nick Penniman
President, United Republic

PS. In case you missed it, Dylan was on the Today Show this morning to talk about the book. Check it out.


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