Why are the Republicans Trying to Lose?…

An Open Message to our Potential Republican Friends

Why are the Republicans Trying to Lose?…
Why are the Republicans doing anything they are doing now?

I’m happy to see you can still think for yourself, and that your common sense has prevailed over what has become almost a tragic comedy and a historic mockery of proper government and compassionate service to the people of the United States as a whole.

I always have had mixed loyalties to the Democrats and the Republicans, often seeing good in traditional and conservative values and also in fair-minded people-orientated values. In the past there have been many good Republican representatives and Presidents who served the American people well, with dignity, intelligence, common sense, and good insight.

Well, something changed. Something possessed these people. There is now extreme partisanship, extreme polarization, extreme hatred, lying, game-playing and strong bias afoot, and surely some dirty tricks coming up soon in 2012. An unfair-mindedness where not even 1% of tax increase for the wealthy is acceptable, but cutting already hard-pressed vital services and salaries of middle-class teachers and other workers is?

I never thought I’d see the kind of behavior that is going on now, and if the Republicans weren’t so blind with self-interest and arrogance, and if they don’t get their act together and begin to serve the constitution, the welfare and good of the general public, and the SPIRIT of their office and the law, they may never be elected again. Some of the things they’ve done are even considered treasonous by some people!

It took me a long time to understand why the Republicans were acting the way they are, until I realized that they had been co-opted… highjacked by the ‘Tea Party’ and their extreme values.

If we were back in the 60s and this all happened in an analogous sense, we might be witnessing the KKK taking over the Conservative ideology; seeking to reinstitute slavery!

Don’t argue with me about this, just give it some careful thought and observation, and see if you don’t eventually agree (if you don’t already).

Even my brother-in-law who saw EVERYTHING in the Republican way in the past is beside himself with their shameful behavior. (I had stopped discussing politics with him because of his extreme views.) Now he (like you) is finally talking sense again.

Many people now think our government is broken beyond repair because of corporate money pouring into politics, and so many other things that prevent the people from being properly represented anymore.

They (the people) are tying hard to find ways to seek redress of their grievances, in the old-fashioned, grassroots patriotic way, like Martin Luther King did (I.E.: protest and civil disobedience). Many people believe that our country is becoming a police state where the rights of citizens have little meaning anymore.

Welcome back from the brink of insanity… friend.


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