An Open Letter to My Government…

Rocky Hachey posted in Occupy Central.

My dearest Government. I’m sorry this has to...
Rocky Hachey 1:52pm Dec 22

My dearest Government. I’m sorry this has to be done in writing but it seems YOU NEVER HEAR ME anymore. I want to start by saying how much I have loved you. In the beginning it seemed like we had something REAL, something PURE, something that could work, but YOU CHANGED. I tried to love you through the INFIDELITY and the LIES. I tried to forgive you for all the times I caught you flagrante delicto in bed with those FILTHY BANKERS! I caught you getting gangbanged in our bed and you some how made me think it was MY FAULT. I caught YOU and its my fault?! You said “ its not what it looks like! HA! Maybe I deserved it? NO I DID NOT DESERVE IT! I will not be VICTIMIZED BY YOU any longer ! You have MISTREATED me , you LIED to me, you CHEATED, you BEAT me, you emptied my bank account to go on your debaucherous benders, and you made me think I deserved it all or it was my FAULT! It was not my fault and I DO NOT DESERVE THIS! I am worth way more than that! I wish things could have worked out for us. I did TRUST you but you BETRAYED my trust time and time again. I gave you EVERYTHING and you screwed it up! I AM DONE! I’m leaving you! I’m taking the kids and I am KEEPING MY HOUSE! No longer yours, WE THE PEOPLE


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