OC Memo: December 4, 2011

OC Memo:
The primary purpose of OCCUPY CENTRAL is to share information and resources with each other and with the other Occupy and Occupy city groups concerning the identification of issues and changes we agree are important to a better nation and a better world.

In such a varied and inclusive group we have to make an extra effort to be non-argumentative, to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative & divisive discourse, and to contribute in constructive ways to the group. If we are to succeed, we need to be unified as one in our spirit of goodness, truth, mutual respect, and dedicated efforts.

If we want to realize our highest ideals and facilitate wholistic changes that involve brotherhood, unity, and the pursuit of a better democracy in our nation & in our world, it starts right here, with common consideration, mutual appreciation for our collective efforts, and even love. We need to draw from our higher selves for inspiration and guidance concerning how we as individuals should best accomplish this within our group context.

We don’t need to pick or analyze with never-ending detail concerning technical word definitions or nuances of meaning. We need to work together to find solutions to the common problems we all share.

This is a decisive moment in history and we are all part of a great experiment, and we need to make the right choices and rise to that occasion by being the very best individuals we can be.

Please stand up for what you think in your heart is right for all of humanity, and begin to put aside ego-centric selfish-interest and arbitrary, narrow, imposed dogma.

Please make a concerted effort to ‘Like’ other Occupy groups, invite people who share this dedication to positive, non-violent change to be your friends and then to join our group.

If anyone in this group has any creative or productive ways in which we can store information or disseminate useful information or perform any other service to the extended Occupy / 99% family, please speak up.

– One World, One Family


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