Rights and Freedoms

Know yours?

Rights & Freedoms > Earth <

By Linda Louise A in OCCUPY CENTRAL · Edit Doc · Delete

Following is a list of ‘links’ to Official Documents that are (supposed to be ) Guarantees to ALL Human Beings on Planet Earth. *Please note .. this (too) is a new list and will be added to as information is found/supplied.KNOW Your Rights > Practise them > Express and Live FREE > It IS Your Right!(In order to avoid ‘preference’ .. All listings are in Alphabetical Order) .. Thanks

Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms

Constitution for the United States of America

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN)http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/

(More to follow > If you have additions to this doc > Please post in the comment and supply links if you have ’em! Thanks)


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