We the 99% Are Winning – Let’s Celebrate and Escalate

On September 17, a handful of activists changed history just by marching down Wall Street and refusing to leave.

Thursday November 17 is the two-month anniversary of their heroic action, with solidarity actions around the country. Can you join them?


The 1% is truly afraid. They’ve tried everything to stop us – riot police, mass arrests, pepper spray, helicopters, police horses, and endless FOX News lies – but we refuse to quit.

How can we? For 30 years, they’ve robbed us blind, destroyed our jobs, and made us slaves to their debt. If we don’t stop them now, we never will. So please join an action near you:


Meanwhile in Washington, a top-secret “SuperCommittee” is trying to slash Medicare and Social Security while cutting taxes for the rich. This is utterly outrageous – tell Congress to pass the Progressive Caucus People’s Budget instead.


We’ve won amazing victories in the past two months. We made the media discuss jobs, debt, inequality, corruption, and greed. We made huge banks abandon debit card fees, and moved billions to credit unions. We won key elections in Ohio, Mississippi, Arizona, and Kentucky.

There’s nothing we can’t achieve if we set our minds to it, and keep fighting. We’ve truly just begun.

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik and the Democrats.com Team

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