It’s Time for a Wake Up Call…

Steven Mantz posted in Coffee Party 2.0 Impact Team.

Super Committee: It's Time for a Wake Up Call...
Steven Mantz 5:16pm Nov 17

Super Committee: It’s Time for a Wake Up Call (VIDEO). This isn’t a debt crisis, it’s a REVENUE crisis. And we know the revenue isn’t in the pockets of the 99%. It’s on Wall Street where big banks would rather see Congress cut vital services like Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security, than to be called to the table for wrecking our economy.

the Super Committee has a week from today to decide if they make Wall Street Pay, or force the rest of us to accept more cuts. Contact your Senators at 866-200-6444 and tell them that the “Super Committee” needs to represent the interests of the 99%, not the bottom line of big banks.

You will be automatically connected with your Senators based on your zip code.
Then, sign the Super Committee petition today!

We, the undersigned, demand that our elected representatives represent our families and everyday people—not the interests of Wall Street, corporations and the wealthy CEOs that run them, during the upcoming “Super Committee” negotiations about the future of our economy.

We demand that any Senator or Congressperson serving on the Super Committee abide by the following principles:

* Make the Wealthy and Wall Street Pay Their Fair Share: Tax the wealthy and corporate profits at rates necessary for our nation’s strength and security instead of cutting vital public goods such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, infrastructure, public safety, environmental regulation, public education, housing, and services for the elderly and disabled. Start by ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, demand that Wall Street and the big banks pay their taxes like the rest of America, and close corporate tax loopholes.

* Build the Real Economy, Tax the Wall Street Casino: After crashing our economy and getting a public bailout, Wall Street and the big banks are back to wild speculation instead of responsible lending. It’s time to follow England and other countries in adding a small financial speculation fee on every Wall Street transaction and use that money to invest in job creation and building the real economy.

* Make Job Creation the #1 Priority: America is not broke, but our economy is broken. Target additional revenue for investment in public services and critical infrastructure that will create jobs and stimulate private investment in job creation. Serious living wage job creation is the fastest way to fix the economy.

Super Committee: It’s Time for a Wake Up Call (VIDEO) | NPA

Today, when super committee Senator John Kyl went to a posh DC restaurant for a fundraising breakfas…


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