DAY OF ACTION: Help the Occupy conversation penetrate the walls of Congress

To mark their 2-month anniversary — and more importantly, to show the world that ideas cannot be extinguished by force — the Occupy movement is calling for a national day of action today, November 17. The Coffee Party is doing its part by making sure this vital conversation penetrates the walls of Congress.
You can help by taking a few minutes to remind Congress that the 99% also includes you, your family, and people in your community.
Please CALL CONGRESS today and say:
“I’m calling to let you know that I am your constituent, I am part of the 99 percent, and I want to see the national conversation spurred by the Occupy movement reflected in the actions of Congress.”

When we say “the 99%,” we mean our nation as a whole, and that includes everyone, even the 1%. Help us let our elected representatives know that from this point on, America will be asking a crucial question of every policy and every politician put before us — does it serve our nation as a whole, or does this serve only the wealthiest 1%?
If we are successful today, Congress will be forced to approach the Nov. 23 debt reduction deadline with the knowledge that this new framework is not going away. We are calling in a new era of American politics where movements are not built to follow political parties. Political parties will follow movements instead.

Please CALL CONGRESS today:

Eric Byler
Coffee Party USA

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